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We have created the most radiant obelisk pendant collection for you to awaken the best in you. We feature a Circular Pendant made with about 7 grams of solid Gold with hexagons on the sides, allowing the light to get through the crystal point, and beam into your heart. A reminder that the Past, Present and Future come together when we focus on our heart center - for you to stay present as each one of your heart beats. As above, so below. 

Option to buy it single or with standard cable chain length.

Want aother chain style? Buy it single and layer it with any of our chains from our Necklaces Collection and we will reiki charge your pendant prior to shipping. 



Quartz is the greatest gift from mama Gaia. It harnesses great healing energy, while receiving, transmitting and amplifying the influx of positive energy. Balances the energy body (aura). Magnifies the energy of other stones when paired or on a grid. 

We love our crystals and all the magic they carry – pick your chakra, intention and ride the high frequency wave. 


  • Available in 14K & 18K Recycled Solid Gold
  • 3 Obelisk Quartz @ 4mm Responsibly Sourced from Brazil
  • Diam. 2.5mm
  • Weight approx. 6.8 - 8g.
  • 18in 1.5mm Round Cable Chain (if applicable) 
  • Made in Los Angeles especially for you
  • Allow up to 20 business days for delivery

Handcrafted item; design features may vary and is subject to stone color availability.
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White gold items receive 2 layers of rhodium prior to polishing for longevity and to achieve the brighter color.
Responsibly made and sourced from the world’s finest gold.


Most necklaces are designed to be adjustable, and can be customized to be a fixed length. Wear it at full length at 18", or make it shorter by clasping it to the additional jump rings on the chain and wear it shorter at 17" and16".

If you would like to customize your necklace sizing to an option you do not see available, drop us a line and we will see what is possible within your request.

Your custom request may require an additional fee.



Some pendants may include a chain and some may not. Please check the item description. If you wish to purchase a chain you may check the ones we have available on our collection of chains. Shoot us a note with any questions you may have for pairing chains with a certain pendant. We'd love to help styling you!


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