Recycled Gold & Mined Gold

Why Use a Combination of Both?

This allows us to stay Responsible and do our part to the best of our ability. We strive to reduce our Carbon Footprint, work with traceable gold while helping evolve the industry. It's important to walk the path of balance to preserve Mother Earth while supporting the humans behind the cause. It's a movement that can only rise when powered by all of us – from sourcing and manufacturing, to our team and you. Without this movement, Sustainability cannot evolve as an effective practice to preserve our planet and way of life. 💖

We work with manufacturers that are international leaders in third-party certification and standards development in environmental and sustainability claims according to global standards. They have received SCS's certification for 100% recycled metals, verifying that when you buy manufactured metals—gold products from us—they have 100% recycled content.

All Jewels are Responsibly Made and Sourced from the World’s Finest Gold.

White Gold Items

Is actually layered with Rhodium, to give it a special coating for color. All white gold items receive 2 layers of rhodium prior to polishing for longevity and to achieve the brightest color.

Responsibly made and sourced from the world’s finest gold.

Gold Filled

All of our Gold Filled products are sourced domestically from a Gold Refinery in the state of New York. We chose Gold Filled because it is better than Vermeil or Plating, and also more durable.

To make gold-filled pieces, the core metal is sandwiched between two layers of gold alloy which is then heated and passed through a roller several times - a process that both bonds the metals together and thins the sheet out.

Lab Grown Diamonds

We only use Fine White top quality Lab Grown Diamonds. All our diamonds are G+ Color, Si+ Clarity and responsibly sourced from suppliers who are conflict-free. Lab Grown Diamonds are cut in the same Matrix as Natural Diamonds, and there is no difference when you put them side by side except that Lab Grown Diamonds are 1/3 of the cost of a Natural Diamond. They have the same composition and optical characteristics of a Natural Diamond, as well as sparkle, fire and scintillation. The only difference is the advantage of being environment friendly, because they require no mining. So you can feel good about that decision.  🦋

Lab Created Stones reduce carbon footprint and allow us to lessen our environmental impact. Fine Jewelry made with Lab Grown and Recycled Metals is a Responsible Choice.

Lab Grown Moissanites

This stone is an amazing alternate to Lab Grown Diamonds. We use it because it carries fire in the way it sparkles. Our Lab Grown Moissanites are cut in the same matrix of Lab Grown Diamonds allowing you to chose from the same selection, according to your budget. Also we love ourselves some bolder options, and Lab Grown Moissanite allows us to create pieces that hold Bolder Carats at a Not So Bold Prices. 💎

Mined Diamonds 

We only use Artisan Sourced Mined Black Diamonds from partners in areas of the world that are conscious of their impact – being fair both to the environment and the individuals who mine them. All our Black Diamonds are AA and AAA. They are Responsibly Sourced & Heat Treated Black Diamonds. Any other Natural Diamond we source is G H Color SI1 Clarity unless listed on the respective product page. We are always striving to be responsibly from conflict-free origins. We proudly support causes that restore areas where mining have been predatorily impacting the environment while supporting families who learn a trade in this industry as a source of income. 💫

Semi Precious Stones

Our founder was born in Brazil, and always looked to work with partners who could bring the spirits of her homeland into her designs. At the moment we work with Clear Quartz, Amethysts, Pyrite, Topazes, Tourmalines amongst others that are properly sourced from Brazil. Ours stones are cut locally, to support our Local Community and Network of California based Artisans. We try to create a balance in supporting our communities in different parts of the world, while also supporting family businesses who elevate our industry while bringing to you quality materials and expert craftsmanship. 🦄

Causes We Support

Coming soon as we research for partners who align with our Business Model and Way of Life.