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Unity Ring in Ombré Quartz was created as a reminder that we are all one, no matter how much difference we may perceive in the world. Consciousness unravels via contrast. An allegory to explain the concept: If we all enter a stark white room, that may be perceived as the only reality because that is all we see and experience. The moment a long black velvet curtain is pulled from a pocket behind one of the walls, now you perceive the two colors, the black and the white. And you will understand one by seeing the contrasting color side by side. This is concept called Duality. The gradation in color expands the concept representing how we are truly more than just two concepts. We are, as in a universal level, beautiful colorful nuances of diversity strung together creating a beautiful gradient making the world a colorful place. This concept extends way beyond mundane cultural and social matters. It truly extends to the stars, which we are all made of. 

“The Cosmos is within us” - Carl Sagan



Our This emerald-cut quartz triplet has been dyed to infuse vibrant colors that create a smooth gradient as you would find in natural stones, but pushing the envelope on color combinations that are not found naturally. The design of the setting allows light from all sides, and it features 4 petite diamonds on the corners of the frame. We currently have 9 shades. Please take time and carefully explore each one.


  • Hand Dyed AAAA Quartz Triplet @ approx. 10TCW
  • Available in 14K Recycled Solid Gold 
  • Lab Grown Diamonds 0.004TCW 
  • Double Band width 2mm,8mm ring height approx.
  • For special sizes, contact us via e-mail
  • Made in Los Angeles especially for you
  • Allow up to 20 business days for delivery

    Made to Order item; design features may vary.
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