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Grape Amethyst, formerly mistakenly known as Grape Agate is Purple or Lavender in Color, super high quality floater crystals that have no damage and a perfect druzy and sparkly botryoidal shapes. 

Botryoidal means that round crystals have naturally formed together. Grape Amethyst's structure and repetition of spheres clustered together reminds us our reality is what we attract. But we can also shape ourselves however we want within that structure, if we are willing to do the work. What we seek, seeks us back. Are you ready to embrace Grape Amethyst and find your Resonance


This Grape Amethyst fits in our Petite Elo Necklace available here

This Collector Edition is curated with Red Fern Crystals. Hand Selected Crystals that range from vintage crystals to precious gemstones that were intentionally put together just for this necklace. And just for you. If you are here, there is no coincidence, only synchronicity. Follow the calling. 

Curated to move, with you and your light with: 

Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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