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Tanzanian Sunstones have a beautiful nebula effect. Rarer than Oregon sunstones they present themselves in nebula like surface formations known as Schiller effects. By gazing at its surface you may find a mini cosmos in there. Remind yourself that everything in the microcosm and in the macrocosm are reflections of each other. They reverberate and communicate through this reflection because they are one in the same. You may look at this Tanzanian Sunstone and recognize its pattern in the shape of our Galaxy. So when you feel somewhat alone, remember that your Blueprint is formed in the same Golden Rule, and that we are never truly alone. Are you ready to take action with Tanzanian Sunstone and master Connection?


This Tanzanian Sunstone fits in our Petite Elo Necklace available here

This Collector Edition is curated with Red Fern Crystals. Hand Selected Crystals that range from vintage crystals to precious gemstones that were intentionally put together just for this necklace. And just for you. If you are here, there is no coincidence, only synchronicity. Follow the calling. 

Curated to move, with you and your light with: 

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