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Harlequin Quartz, works through an upward spiral providing a dancing like energy that flows from the base to the crown activating through the heart. By working with the heart and the magnetic center of the Torus, as well as its Poles, it's excellent in balancing the meridians of the body through polarity. That way it balances the Energy, Emotional, Mind and Physical Bodies more quickly. The one who uses or seeks the lesson of Harlequin Quartz, must understand the shift in perspective and patience are key to embrace this transition. Will you take action and embrace Harlequin Quartz and the mastery of Alignment? 



This Harlequin Quartz fits in our Petite Elo Necklace available here

This Collector Edition is curated with Red Fern Crystals. Hand Selected Crystals that range from vintage crystals to precious gemstones that were intentionally put together just for this necklace. And just for you. If you are here, there is no coincidence, only synchronicity. Follow the calling. 

Curated to move, with you and your light with: 

Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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