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A Transcending Stone, Hexagon Rose Cut and Double Terminated to help energy circulate. 

No other like it. It features rutiles, that reflect light and casts rainbows, to work with your energetic imprint. Turn into your Palm for meditation and recharge. Turn it out for radiance.


Design Foundation
This Rutilated Quartz Ring has one-of-a-kind filaments and inclusions, making it incomparable to any other gem of its kind. Every facet on this Hexagon Rose-Style Cut Gemstone Highlights and Elevates every inclusion. It announces itself by allowing light to pass through its unique Claw Setting. The Open Cuff Ring Frame design allows for flexible wear, sizing up or down to fit across middle, index and ring fingers.


Gemstone Message  
This statement piece transforms according to the angle you observe it, allowing you to find beauty in its imperfections. It brings up the awareness of the way we look at life and ourselves. It helps us see we do not need to fit-in any standards that aren’t ours. It gives a chance to free our hearts and just BE.



Use this Ring with intention is the Soul Cleanser. Illuminator of life purposes, helping with spiritual growth. It cleanses and energises our energetic field. Removes unqualified energy and aids with detachment of the past. Rutilated Quartz helps drawing out external perceptions, keeping in integrity what is yours.  Helps with transitions and a changes of direction. Energizes the mood, removing fear, and low level feelings, like anxiety or phobia. Works with all levels of forgiveness.

Numerology: 2
Element: Air and Fire
Chakra: All Chakra Stone


  • Rose Cut Rutilated Quartz @ approx. 20TCW
  • Open Double Band width 2mm, 8mm ring height approx.
  • For special sizes, contact us via e-mail
  • Made in Los Angeles especially for you
  • Allow up to 20 business days for delivery

Handcrafted item; design features may vary.
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