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Green Garnets known as Tsavorites, and they are quite rare.

Garnets have a strong link to the pituitary gland and amplify perception of the self and others — which is useful if you are working through dissolving ingrained behavioral patterns and attachments. This crystal activates other crystals, and provides a grounded, stable energy and a sense of hope when life feels fragmented and chaotic. These green garnets inspire “going with the flow” and link the soul to its universal nature. Uniting creative forces, enhances fertility and and protects the heart, base and crown chakras. Elo = Link
Modular Crystal Carrier 

FITS CRYSTALS 3/4” width or wider.

We created this size guide, available here for you to reference how to get the best out of your Petite Elo Necklace.


See what other crystals are available here

Sits in the middle of your Heart Chakra, with the flexibility of turning it into a lariat. The rondelle that holds the carrier of the Crystal can be pulled up or down, and if you slip it close to the top end of the chain you can wear it at Throat & High Heart Length - it’s adjustable that way.


It's beautiful, and Modular.
Wear it with our handpicked Crystal or your own point.

We recommend ours, it's responsibly sourced from Brazil and other parts of the world, comes reiki charged.

Made to move, with you and your light 💋✨


  • Available in 14K Gold Filled and
    14K and 18k Responsible Gold 
  • Adjustable Necklace from 24" to 16" or 28" to 16" depending on style
  • XL Cradles and Custom Extensions available upon request
  • Quartz Points are 1" x 0.5" approx.
  • Made to order in Los Angeles especially for you
  • Allow up to 30 business days for delivery

Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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