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Fire Opal is Full Rainbow Spectrum in Color, and it displays a visual effect called fire.

Energy: Mystery, Variety, Progress, and Change.
Mind: Brilliance and Clarity, assisting one to maintain calm and collected through stressful situations, assisting with the feeling of burnout
Emotions: benefits with positive outlooks for the future and faith in the self
Body: associated with triple-burner meridian in acupuncture, circulation, physical sight, central nervous system. 


Elo = Link ✨Crystal Carrier✨ 

Elo is a beautiful mesh carrier made with linked bars. The piece is created by metal bars, joined at the ends with rings. That repetition creates a geometric mesh shape, that allows crystal points to be carried without any perforation or fixed setting.

Each Crystal is hand picked, and responsibly sourced.
They are as they come from the Earth.

Some have inclusions. Some have rainbows. All have personality.
Any imperfection is natural. They are as they are meant to be.

This Collector Edition is curated with Red Fern Crystals. Hand Selected Crystals that range from vintage crystals to precious gemstones that were intentionally put together just for this necklace. And just for you. If you are here, there is no coincidence, only synchronicity. Follow the calling ✨


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Sits in the middle of your Heart Chakra, with the flexibility of turning it into a lariat. The rondelle that holds the carrier of the Crystal can be pulled up or down, and if you slip it close to the top end of the chain you can wear it at Throat & High Heart Length - it’s adjustable that way.



It's beautiful, and Modular.
Wear it with our handpicked Crystals or your own point.

We recommend ours, it's responsibly sourced, comes reiki charged.

Made to move, with you and your light 💋✨


  • Available in Sterling Silver and other metals available upon request
  • Adjustable Necklace from 28" to 16"
  • Points size max: 1.5" x 0.5" approx. Check size guide for more information
  • Features a Fire Opal Cabochon Tear Drop at the bottom of the cradle 
  • Made to order locally, especially for you
  • Allow up to 30 business days for delivery
  • Fire Opal, Ethiopian Full Color Spectrum Flash



Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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