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Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is very rare gems from one of Australia's most unique gemstones only found in one location in the entire world. They are very rare and expensive and are highly sought after. Contains inclusions of Moonstone, Goethite and Hematite.

Its fire possesses the whole rainbow spectrum of light.

The act of healing with a stone w that contains the full spectrum of light is called holographic healing. As we recognize ourselves in this reality, and we are creators of the same, we solidify our world and create from thoughts and emotions that are not necessarily complete in materialization, therefore holographic.

When working with the full spectrum of light you have the opportunity of manifesting and harnessing the power of the seven rays to manifest in your life, as long as you put action to those intentions.

And you are able to heal and make space within to allow for this new frequency if possibility you come through you and materialize itself. Through accessing a healed hologram, with all the potential and paths that it presents through your current self, you can manifest greater health and alignment today.

Its structure is a form of sacred geometry in sunstone and when placed in the Sun, these pieces put on a beautiful show. Rainbow lattice sunstone activates all 9 chakras to strengthen and align your entire being.

Energy: A profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation and in everyday life
Mind: Leadership - of personal power, freedom, for a sovereign, expanded and clear mind. 
Emotions: Openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others.
Body: Rainbow Lattice Sunstones creates a form of scaffolding for cells to have space between them – energetically and physically – so that the gunk and toxic programming drops out.
Chakras Mainly Crown and Solar Plexus, but it is an all Chakra Stone
Vibrates the Numbers 1, 4, 8, 22 and 44


Elo = Link Crystal Carrier✨ 

Elo is a beautiful mesh carrier made with linked bars. The piece is created by metal bars, joined at the ends with rings. That repetition creates a geometric mesh shape, that allows crystal points to be carried without any perforation or fixed setting.

Each Crystal is hand picked, and responsibly sourced.
They are as they come from the Earth.

Some have inclusions. Some have rainbows. All have personality.
Any imperfection is natural. They are as they are meant to be.

This Collector Edition is curated with Red Fern Crystals. Hand Selected Crystals that range from vintage crystals to precious gemstones that were intentionally put together just for this necklace. And just for you. If you are here, there is no coincidence, only synchronicity. Follow the calling ✨


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Sits in the middle of your Heart Chakra, with the flexibility of turning it into a lariat. The rondelle that holds the carrier of the Crystal can be pulled up or down, and if you slip it close to the top end of the chain you can wear it at Throat & High Heart Length - it’s adjustable that way.


It's beautiful, and Modular.
Wear it with our handpicked Crystals or your own point.

We recommend ours, it's responsibly sourced, comes reiki charged.

Made to move, with you and your light 💋✨


  • Available in 14K Gold Filled,
    14K Responsible Gold, and
    18K Responsible Gold available upon request
  • Adjustable Necklace from 24" to 16" or 28" to 16"
  • Points size max: 1.5" x 0.5" approx. Check size guide for more information
  • Made to order locally, especially for you
  • Allow up to 30 business days for delivery
  • These Rainbow Lattice Crystals are Approx. 4g a piece 


Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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