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Everyone loves a Bad Boy in a Nice Jacket.

Available in Lab Grown Diamonds or Lab Grown Moissanites.


The Hey Studs STAXX will make you want to bring these boys home to mother.
Dainty bezels and classic shapes are paired with timeless design for a happy moody stack. 

Perfect to bring some sparkle to your everyday ensembles without being boring and repeating styles – Make a look that will match your Coffee Run or that impromptu Palms Springs Trip, because that’s how we roll in LA.


The Hey Studs Bezel STAXX are made of:

Medium Lab Grown Bezel Studs
Nail Head Studs
Bezel Trio Lab Grown Charm
Bezel Lab Grown Charm
Star Charm
Plain Coin Charm

You can also buy these items individually.


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