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Lemurian Quartz are known for their distinctive striations on their sides. They are believed to have been planted by our ancestrals so we could remember our Roots and return to the beauty of the heart. Cultivating the beauty that lies in the Virtues of Humanity, the foundation of our very existence. Lightening Struck Lemurians are symbols of resilience. It teaches us the vibration of our capability to withstand anything and endure challenges that we deem humanely possible to do so. It is also believed to harness the power of lighting within its matrix amplifying and benefiting the field of the one who wears it. This one is a Twin Lemurian Quartz assistung with building of relationships from all levels.g

Chakra: Crown and Soul Star


Elo = Link
Crystal Carrier Necklace

This is an Elo Collector Design. It is differentiated because it is built like our Fine Jewelry Elo Necklace. The bars are twice the Thickness and we the layer of Gold applied on the Plated version is twice the amount than our baseline 14k Gold Filled. We reserve these for special and rare gemstones.

Elo is a beautiful mesh carrier made with 

linked bars. The piece is created by metal bars, joined at the ends with rings. That repetition creates a geometric mesh shape, that allows crystal points to be carried without any perforation or fixed setting.

Each Crystal is hand picked, and sustainably mined.
They are as they come from the Earth.

Some have inclusions. Some have rainbows. All have personality.
Any imperfection is natural. They are as they are meant to be.



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Sits in the middle of your Heart Chakra, with the flexibility of turning it into a lariat. The rondelle that holds the carrier of the Crystal can be pulled up or down, and if you slip it close to the top end of the chain you can wear it at Throat & High Heart Length - it’s adjustable that way.


It's beautiful, and Modular.
Wear it with our handpicked Crystal or your own point.

We recommend ours, it's 

responsibly sourced from Brazil and other arts of the world. They come reiki charged.

Made to move, with you and your light 💋✨


Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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