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Lemurian Quartz are known for their distinctive striations on their sides. They are believed to have been planted by our ancestrals so we could remember our Roots and return to the beauty of the heart. Cultivating the beauty that lies in the Virtues of Humanity, the foundation of our very existence. Lightening Struck Lemurians are symbols of resilience. It teaches us the vibration of our capability to withstand anything and endure challenges that we deem humanely possible to do so. It is also believed to harness the power of lighting within its matrix amplifying and benefiting the field of the one who wears it. This one is a Twin Lemurian Quartz assisting with building of relationships from all levels. There is also a time link to the future, residing on the left main face of this crystal. 

Chakra: Crown and Soul Star


This Lightening Struck Lemurian fits in our Elo Necklace available here


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