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The fruits of your labor are as good as the depth of your your roots. With the passing of time, we have disconnected from the beauty and foundation of our ancestrals. This Intentional Set lies in cultivating Alignment through the path of the Courage through Actions in Sovereignty. Crystals are tools and may be programmed through intention. Ametrine carries the message of taking calculated risks, with balanced emotional and logical intelligence. How do you show up? Ametrine won't to the job for you, so set your intention and prepare to act too. How can you open yourself to a resonance of the the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras and work on the message of Ametrine? Paired with Smoky Quartz a 3 lower chakra stone, that grounds you firmly and in safety. When you invest in this set for your Perspective Shifting you will also get an in depth description how to grid, utilize the frequencies of these stones as well as programming them to act as allies for to you fulfill your highest path unravelling clarity within intention. 

Elo Grid Contents:
Elo Size Teardrop Ametrine AAA clarity (one)
Smoky Quartz Crystals for Gridding only (four)
Gridding Guide
Frequency & Numerology Interpretation Report


Petite Elo Grid Contents:
Petite Elo Size Teardrop Ametrine AAA clarity (one)
Black Tourmaline Chips for Gridding only (four)
Gridding Guide
Frequency & Numerology Interpretation

The one who knows the mysteries of life lie inside, seek alignment. They know what is within reflects outward in the cosmos, but always knows to go back home. We will dive deeper into how we got into this vibration by looking at each detail of this grid's component's frequency, numbers and patterns. And when you pair it with an Elo, it gets juicier. That connection will deepen the work, and the level of information you get.

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown. And we will dive deeper to how opposing and complementary chakras support for balance through polarity.

Add a Petite Elo:
A metal that is responsible for the waters of the body. It cares for the emotional Body and supports the Sacral Chakra and the Lymphatic System. Silver has been used by our Ancestors as a antimicrobial agent. 

Gold: A metal that is responsible in bringing healing through light.
It is called Solid Sunlight by our Ancestors, holding the frequency of amplification and direct connection to the source of all creation. 

When you add a Silver or Gold Elo you can experience this energy acting in conjunction with your blueprint. 

This Intentional Set was curated with Red Fern Crystals. For Larger Collector pieces that are suitable for Home and Space enhancement contact Chelsea. It's worth it. 

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