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Elo = Link ✨Crystal Carrier✨ 

Elo is a beautiful mesh carrier made with 

linked bars. The piece is created by metal bars, joined at the ends with rings. That repetition creates a geometric mesh shape, that allows crystal points to be carried without any perforation or fixed setting.

Each Crystal is hand picked, and sustainably mined.
They are as they come from the Earth.

Some have inclusions. Some have rainbows. All have personality.
Any imperfection is natural. They are as they are meant to be.


Quartz with Chrysocolla

Known to work at the throat it will give strength and balance from verbalization to silence, whichever one is necessary at the moment given. Everyone always speaks about how Chrysocolla or any other throat chakra stones will help you find your voice and express yourself. But how about your silence? Sometimes words have more value when we speak less through them. Sometimes silence is the master in the room, so we can listen more and evolve.

I have heard from a famous Brazilian theologian and philosopher quoting Hermes Trismegistus. I couldn’t find word for word on research so I will give you what I understood from her quoting in Portuguese:

Quando um pensador tem muita profundidade, ele em pouca superfície diz muita coisa.

When a thinker has a lot of depth he says a lot of things on a small surface.

That sat with me and deeply resonated. It made me think of people I admire so deeply in the way they speak. It really made me want to work on my word smithing qualities - because those don’t come from logic. They come from the heart.

Chakras: High Heart & Throat

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Sits in the middle of your Heart Chakra, with the flexibility of turning it into a lariat. The rondelle that holds the carrier of the Crystal can be pulled up or down, and if you slip it close to the top end of the chain you can wear it at Throat & High Heart Length - it’s adjustable that way.

It's beautiful, and Modular.
Wear it with our handpicked Crystal or your own point.

We recommend ours, it's 

responsibly sourced from Brazil, comes reiki charged and bathed in Mount Shasta Water.

Made to move, with you and your light 💋✨


Handcrafted item. Design features may vary.
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