Peggy Khoucàsiàn

A fashion designer in Los Angeles that built a cultured fashion house through her clothing brand. Daughters of Culture is a space on and offline that brings women together into realizing themselves through their life expression. A practice where clothing becomes a beautiful part of them and they can be proud to wear them as comfortably as they are in their own skin. Peggy fits then to accommodate an inclusive range of sizing, where I felt like I could FaceTime someone and tell them to come join us and play. Her Sufi Jumpsuit wrapped my body so I could freely move as we hiked and played at a local spot near the Daughters of Culture Headquarters.


That is why Peggy created: a beautiful battalion of ambassadors she hand picked and also volunteered through her platform and along her trail. They are so passionate they became actual advocates for the brand sharing their own movement through their clothes in social media channels and their own life. It’s beautiful to see how that expression comes alive. They come alive. And you se the compassionate embrace they give themselves through her clothing. As the movement they create that is in alignment with their lives. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about the heart that resides under it all
. that is also why we created a capsule of beautiful stone bottles that vessel aromatherapy oils and hang from gold filled chains that sit just about your higher heart. We called it Åura Necklace, which was baptized in unison after we met for 5 min. That is how she flows. It just happens and unfolds right in front of your eyes, leaving you asking yourself and marvel “how did just happen?”


Peggy Khoucàsiàn


“I open myself up in different ways to let the creativity flow. It all starts with me; if I'm resisting myself, I resist my own creativity. Fortunately, my passion for designing doesn't allow me to do that. Because I feel so aligned with my purpose, I allow that to drive me to wherever the inspiration is. It can be a coffee shop, where I check out the floor tiles or the wallpaper. It can be someone’s front yard, and the colors from the garden might influence the upcoming color palette. I try to change up my environment so I can feel the experience of something new.”

 Originally an immigrant from Syria, Peggy arrived in America at 6 years of age when her family headed west to secure themselves a life of prosperity outside local conflicts. After being cared for her grandmother for a short period while her parents scouted the possibilities Peggy landed, and that is why she believes in creating a community of women who are supportive and care for one another through communal efforts that intertwine with their lives. This allow for them to  take actions that constructively are in alignment with their beings and foster service to others. As well as preserving our ancestral ways of life when everything was always so precious and sacred. And as we spoke we delineated this story. And the words that we unfolded by just her presence you consciously open your heart to the idea you can chose your family. We  just have to look around and realize you can be there to exchange support and the love we give to ourselves through the expression of each one of their souls. And when you see ourselves within our different ways you quickly realize how oneness truly exists, because the differences become the bridge that connects us through the different points of view that add to our lives and connects us vey broadening our perspective.

“You can look at someone and know their are not performing. You can see the kindness and humility in their eyes, that is when you know you are in alignment and you can reach for one another, and connect. You see that everything that surrounds them is life, and they have brought it together ” conversing as we strolled a site in Topanga where she is producing an event for a retreat in partnership with Azure Wolfe, a healer, body, soul and yoga mentor, and Eve Gaynes, a psychological anthropologist with a focus on rites and rituals through her Rituel retreat venue. A much needed sanctuary destination driven event destination to mark the one year anniversary of the events in 2020.



When you watch Peggy work it you quickly realize that is her way of life. She is so in tune with herself and how she affects the world that a simple snippet of her day that she may share with you, it allows you to understand there is no separation in anything she does. And it is not an understanding you do with the mind. You do it with your heart as you capture her story with your eyes.


She visited Syria again in her early 30s, and as she resisted feeling all the vulnerability of getting acquainted with her old home. But through that experience and seeing signs of the genocida aftermath, she made even a higher point in her life to transmute all those emotions into an integration of forgiveness and awareness that caring and being of service is the way to abundance and prosperity. The best thing she said, was to be able to hold my nanna’s hand. And how to have the memories that connection doesn’t truly die once you hold that in your heart and realize what an integral part of you it is.


Today she expresses herself through her clothing line, which is responsibly made to order in Los Angeles. But her life brings it all together as she  connects and meet with people who are in perfect alignment. Her tie-dye pieces are all hand died locally and small batched by a local Shibori artist who is also a female, mother and a daughter. There is not piece like the other, they all have lines and nuances of color that give them character, just like we present ourselves.


And at the same time when you see them on the rack when she is sampling how they beautifully come together in a spectrum of color. Just like we aspire as we see the world and community unfold in this year of 2021. Respecting our nuances both in color and difference to create the spectrum of love we need to build a New Earth that is more sustainable not just in practice but in applying the emotions and thought that will get us closer to sustain our beautiful physical reality.